Relax With Friends At Grizzly Peak Brewing Company


On a Friday night, what better way to chase away the stress of the work week than with an ice cold beer? Head to Grizzly Peak Brewing Company and you can sip a brew made right in your own neighborhood. Grizzly Peak Brewing Company brews all of their award-winning beers on-site. They always have 8 unique […]

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Learn About Archaeology In Ann Arbor


Archaeology is the study of ancient history from evidence found beneath the earth’s surface. It’s amazing what information these artifacts can provide about people of the past and many of them are quite the sight to behold. In the Ann Arbor area, The Kelsey Museum of Archaeology is a must-visit for casual and serious lovers […]

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Visit Pointless Brewery In Ann Arbor


Are you looking to put a little more spirit into your wintry weekends? Are you tired of sipping mulled cider alone, inside your Ann Arbor apartment? Well just maybe, you should get out and do something pointless. Yes, we said pointless but there is a reason for that. The activities we’re thinking of all take […]

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