Get Crafty At The Ann Arbor Art Center


There’s something about being cooped up indoors that makes people antsy, no matter how fancy their apartment is. Some long to get out and exercise, whereas others prefer to channel their inner artists and get crafty. If you’re leaning towards the latter, we recommend visiting the Ann Arbor Art Center. It’s close to Signature Club […]

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Enjoy Authentic Irish Food In Conor O’Neill’s


In Ireland, breakfast is traditionally a hearty meal consisting of meats, eggs, and breads. Luckily, you don’t have to travel across the Atlantic to enjoy a good Irish breakfast. Conor O’Neill’s, an authentic Irish Pub in downtown Ann Arbor, serves a delicious Irish breakfast about 10 minutes from Signature Club Apartments. At Conor O’Neill’s, the […]

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Grab Brunch With A Friend In Ann Arbor


Ann Arbor, Michigan is known for its excellent food and restaurant scene in comparison to its larger counterparts like New York City or San Francisco, and has been gaining recognition recently for its innovative and delicious places to dine. Some restaurants are newly opened and budding with success, while there are others that have stood the test […]

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